Newell’s Municipal Election April 13, 2021 7am to 7pm at City Hall 108 3rd street. Absentee Voting is available - Call 456-2737 for details. 

Doll & Toy Exhibit

The Museum has over 800 dolls and antique toys. The dolls come from various area doll collectors. The younger visitors like "That Kid" and have renamed him "Chuckie" after a popular character in a horror movie and never tire of viewing him. Playpal dolls, about the size of a four-year old child, are having a birthday party, hats and all. Other popular attractions are the bride dolls, Barbie's, Chatty-type, a Spanish dancer directly from Spain. Cabbage Patch, celluloid, rubber, sleepy babies in a brass crib and other too numerous to mention. The "toy room" is everyone's favorite: where old toy guns, games, cars trucks, scooter, a train, doll houses & doll buggies and even a peddle-driven fire truck are on display. Many male visitors perceive they are not interested in viewing a doll collection; however they are drawn into the overwhelming number of dolls and the clever displays but when they get to the toy room, they reminisce about the joys of the boyhood days.