Building Inspector & Ordinance Compliance Officer

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1.     Complaint

a.     Citizen complaint, or

b.     Building Inspector/Ordinance Officer

2.     Initial notice: Building Inspector/Ordinance officer makes initial inspection

a.     Makes initial contact with property owner, with deadline (in writing) 1 to remedy nuisance (e.g., 10 days to remedy nuisance)

b.     Begins to complete reporting form

c.      Property owner fails to remedy nuisance, then proceed with #3  

3.     Subsequent/formal notice: Finance officer sends Certified notice of Violation after approval from Commissioners

a.     Notice gives all information plus date on number of days in which abatement must be completed; notice contains appeal procedure

i.          If property owner appeals, hearing held to review alleged nuisance

Nuisance at next regular Commissioners meeting;

ii.           Commissioners must make decision and notify property owners within 10 days from the meeting

b.   Property owner takes no action/fails to abate nuisance within time in Notice:

           i.     Upon expiration of voluntary abatement, Building Inspector must re-            

                   inspect the offending property to determine status of nuisance

  ii.           Town may choose to:

1.       Law Enforcement may issue criminal citation

2.   Town may abate nuisance and bill all costs plus any

                                               attorneys fees to property owner

3.    If property owner fails to pay bill within 30 days, the town Finance Officer may file special assessment against property owner