Agenda 9.14.15 Regular Commisioners Meeting



     SEPTEMBER 14, 2015 - 6:00 P.M.

                                      AT 108 3RD STREET CITY HALL BUILDING


1.                  Call to Order

2.                  Pledge of Allegiance

3.                  Adopt the Agenda  

4.                  Potential Conflicts on the Agenda

5.                  Approve Minutes of the August 10, 2015 Commissioners Meeting

6.                  Approving Bills

7.                  Firetruck Bids- Newell Fire Dept.

8.                  Committee/Dept Head Reports

A. Finance   B. Sheriff Department   C. Liquor Store   D. Museum   E. Library F. Fire Dept 

G. Building Inspector/ Ordinance Officer H. Public Works   I. Ambulance  

9.                  Appointment of Commissioner Wolff

10.              Citizen’s Comments and Concerns

11.              Commissioner’s Comments and Concerns

12.              Motion to accept the conveyance and record the deed to BHP building

13.              Motion to hire Virginia Morse as the Bar and Liquor Store Manager for the Town of Newell.

14.              Karl Strohschein- A pot hole in street caused damage to car

15.              Motion to accept Kimberly Fonder-Ficsher to the 2015 Volunteer Fire department Roster.  

16.              First Reading to Amendment Section 8. General Residential District (GR) Regulations C. Uses Permitted on Review #9.

17.              First Reading to Amendment Section 9.General Commercial District (GC) Use Regulation C. Uses Permitted on Review # 14.

18.              Second Reading of Ordinance 2015-03 An Ordinance for Pubic Occupation of Residential Camping Units on Residential Property inside the Town of Newell

19.              City Hall’s roof and grant

20.              First Reading of Ordinance No 2015-04 2016 Appropriation Ordinance

21.              First Reading of Ordinance No 2015-05 Town of Newell Commissioner Code of Ethics

22.              Special Commissioners Meeting 28th Sept 2015

23.              13th October 2015 Meeting

24.                Executive Session for Personnel Issues

25.              Adjourn Meeting



Agenda posted September 11, 2015

Next Regular Commissioners Meeting October, 2015 at 6pm



Jennifer Parrow-Finance Officer