• Mutton Buster Cody Rose Winkler riding for the Horse Creek Renegades in the 2015 Ranch Rodeo. Photo Credit - Holly Ollila
  • Serving up the annual Lions Club breakfast fundraiser.
  • Annual Newell Labor Day Parade
  • Dock at Newell Golf Course Lake
  • The Newell Public Library is open MWF 10-12, 1-5.
  • 2015 Ranch Rodeo Champions Willow Creek Tax Team. Photo Credit - Holly Ollila
  • Home of the Newell Sheep Yards.
  • The historical Flaigg Cabin is located at the Newell Museum.
  • Ranch Rodeo sorting/penning/doctoring event, Team Gate to Great. Photo Credit - Holly Ollila
  • Annual Labor Day Rodeo

Irrigation water restrictions enacted

The Belle Fourche Irrigation District has turned off the irrigation water for today so they can assess the remaining water levels to provide all of their customers with water.  The usage has been higher than normal and the remaining water could be less than expected.  The usage by the Town of Newell has been higher than normal.  I would expect that would be because we are in a several state drought zone.  In order to assist in conserving the remaining water, we are instituting water restrictions for the town.  At present we are asking people with even numbered addresses to water on even numbered days and odd numbered addresses to water on odd numbered days. Please comply with these restrictions so that we all can make it through the summer.  We will continue to evaluate the usage and work with the Irrigation District to make sure everyone has water for the season.