• Mutton Buster Cody Rose Winkler riding for the Horse Creek Renegades in the 2015 Ranch Rodeo. Photo Credit - Holly Ollila
  • Serving up the annual Lions Club breakfast fundraiser.
  • Annual Newell Labor Day Parade
  • Dock at Newell Golf Course Lake
  • The Newell Public Library is open MWF 10-12, 1-5.
  • 2015 Ranch Rodeo Champions Willow Creek Tax Team. Photo Credit - Holly Ollila
  • Home of the Newell Sheep Yards.
  • The historical Flaigg Cabin is located at the Newell Museum.
  • Ranch Rodeo sorting/penning/doctoring event, Team Gate to Great. Photo Credit - Holly Ollila
  • Annual Labor Day Rodeo

Water & Sewer Rate NOTICE

In 2013 the Town of Newell Commission passed a resolution changing the water and sewer rates. The new rates were set at:

Water $17.75 per month plus $2.75 per 1,000 gallons. Sewer $12.00 per month plus $2.75 per 1,000 gallons of water used. There was no provision for the first 1,000 gallons to be included in the base charge of $17.75.

A recent review by the state DENR pointed out the error and now we are required to comply with the resolution. We have been billing as if the first 1,000 gallons was included in the base fee. This was not correct. Since we have not charged for the first 1,000 gallons, we have under-billed users about $264.00 over the last four years. We will not go back to 2013 to adjust these rates. The increase will be for water and sewer usage from June 2017 forward. We must start billing in accordance with our 2014 Resolution effective the first of July this year.

What does this mean?

Effective with the June 30th bill, everyone will see an increase of $5.50 on water and sewer bills. That is $2.75 each for water and sewer. These bills will be due on July 19th.